Best supplement for weight gain

supplement for gain weight – Many of us wonder what is the best gainer, but before we know what it is, we must know the mechanism of weight gain. First: How does the body gain or lose weight?

It directly depends on the calories that the body burns. Where when calculating the number of calories that the body burns.

increasing or decreasing weight depends mainly on the difference between the calories entered into the body.

The calories that the body stores or burns. In general, for weight gain, between 300-500 calories are entered more than normal metabolism or metabolism. To lose weight,

between 300-500 calories are also entered, which is a deficit of normal metabolism as well


Well now, what is the supplement for gain weight?

Definitely and without any doubt, Hyper Mass is the best dietary gainer as carbohydrates and protein are the sources of calories in it.

It is also distinguished by the fact that it is rich in creatine, as each serving provides you with 3 gm of creatine.

What distinguishes it also is that it is free of added sugar and high in nutritional value

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