Signs of pregnancy in the first days


Usually, signs of pregnancy occur in the first days and some of them may be real signs indicating that there is pregnancy and some of them may not have a high impact.


here we will explain all the signs in the first few days

What are the symptoms of pregnancy in the early days?

First, swollen breasts signs of pregnancy :

Some signs occur in the early days, signs and hormonal changes that may indicate pregnancy.

Including feeling changes in the breast, including the appearance of some veins and arteries in the breast area.


which increases blood flow to the breast.



Second, flatulence is one of the most important signs of pregnancy in the first days:

Progesterone slows down the digestive process, which causes many bloating and some problems in the digestive system, including flatulence.

Third, fatigue and exhaustion:

As mentioned earlier, the hormone progesterone reduces sleep hours and drains energy completely during pregnancy.

Fourth, nosebleeds:

Nosebleeds Hormonal changes and a high level of progesterone can cause nosebleeds.

Therefore, it is preferable to conduct a direct examination when this symptom occurs to ascertain the source of this bleeding.



Fifth, headache.

A high level of estrogen may cause headaches, so it is preferable to take medications and painkillers to get rid of this problem

Sixth, acne:

Hormonal changes in the initial period lead to the appearance of acne

Seventh: Unpleasant taste in the mouth:

Pregnancy leads to changes and affects the taste system in the body, and this taste is close to the taste of metal.

This change in taste occurs in the first three months of pregnancy.

Eighth, increased secretions:


An increase in vaginal secretions may occur in the first period of pregnancy, but it is preferable if the secretions are yellow and have an unpleasant smell with itching.


consult a specialist doctor to avoid that the source is an infection in the vagina.

Ninth, high temperature is one of the most important signs of pregnancy in the first days:

In the first period of pregnancy, a rise in body temperature is accompanied by a change in the hormonal structure of the body.

The temperature usually rises in the morning, and if it lasts for more than two weeks, there is likely to be a pregnancy.